Love Color?  --   Me too!


Fabric is my medium of choice.
Texture, color, and dimension - what else is there?
My artwork is usually based on a concept, rather than a vision.
I see usual items in an unusual way and incorporate that into my creations.
If you like the unique, you will like my work.

Need clothes for a My Size Barbie (the 37" tall Barbie)? You're in luck! I am now making My Size Barbie clothes. Most are OOAK (one-of-a-kind) creations made either from new fabric or upcycled from fabric that has caught my eye, but is not new (i.e. barely worn). Often I'll keep the best features of something and turn it into something totally different that fits the MSB (My Size Barbie) dolls. Since each one is individually fitted, you might find anything from casual skirts, pants, tops, coats, and dresses -  to a sexy swimsuit, a cocktail dress made of taffeta and lace, or a slinky dress fit for any nightclub Barbie might visit!.
You can find my currently available selection by searching for "My Size Barbie" in the "Search this Store" field in the eBay window below.

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