Pharaoh's Catch - $350

At the time I created this, I had two cats. Pharaoh came to me as a little kitten and his whole life he drug his "catches" around the house. This includes 3 months of "cat draggings". Some of the techniques used to create it were: patchwork, applique, reverse applique and digitized embroidery. It also has a 3-D feature. And, note the mouse at the bottom that Pharaoh didn't catch!
Ruching Travels $400

Inspired by some beautiful duponi silk fabric, and circles representing the cycle of life, this piece showcases the iridescence of the silk. Ruching is an embellishment technique from from the Civil War times that involves a zig-zag "pick" stitch and is the piece that "travels" around the circles. The silk is stitched to a fabric covered canvas base and the frame was also made by me to fit the piece and has a slight irridescent glitter spray over the black.
Wish Come True Among Chaos - SOLD

This was created for possible inclusion in a 2007 Kansas City Extreme Makeover house, but wasn't chosen. It sold shortly after that. It was one of an on-going series that I call my "Chaos" series. It's a "chaos" of fabric and fiber pieces with an "organized" embroidery design placed on top of it to create the overall impression of order from chaos.